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DIY Cyber Guy

Apr 12, 2018

This week, I had the privilege of interviewing a real hacker about how hackers hack. Their tools, tactics, and tricks – and we will tell you exactly how to protect yourself and your family. Our guest is Moe Sani, who has been an “ethical Hacker” for over 14 years. He began hacking at age 15, and has worked as a hacker and penetration tester for several companies around the world – and he is on DIY Cyber Guy today to talk about his experience, and how to avoid the UN-ETHICAL hackers.

Also – the city of Atlanta was (literally) taken hostage buy a particularly aggressive rent somewhere attack. Lord and Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue lost 5 million credit cards. Landlords are also getting hacked – or at least taken – by cryptominers.

We also talk about tax-season hacks and how to protect yourself. We also are recommending Frozen PII ( to anyone who wants to protect themselves from identity thieves. And much more.